Crash Course on “Blogging” for Lawyers.

Many lawyers write articles for newspapers & journals. But, in this internet world, is it sufficient? How much of a ...
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onenote for lawyers

Paperless Note taking for Lawyers

We lawyers keep on hustling, and suddenly your senior comes and tells you something important about a case or a ...
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Google Ecosystem-Lawyers

‘Google Ecosystem’ for Lawyers here to watch more such videos There are so many apps in our Mobile. Do we use all the apps? ...
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Gmail Signatures Guide for Lawyers

How to make Professional Gmail Signatures? Guide for Lawyers.

Click here to watch more such videos. Have you seen any email with something like this(image below)... at the bottom ...
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Legal Confidential-Indian Lawyer-Book

Legal Confidential – Adventures of an Indian Lawyer – Book

"I learnt soon enough that justice had little to do with the legal system, if at all. I also learnt ...
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Google Calendar for Lawyers

Google Calendar Tips for Lawyers Click here to watch more such videos. Have you ever forgot about an important meeting? Or forgot about a ...
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M. C. Chagla - Roses in December - Autobiography

Roses in December – Auobiography of Justice M. C. Chagla.

"Law is a great discipline for the mind. It teaches you how to think clearly, precisely and accurately. Every word ...
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Indian Lawyer Diary

Shift from Diary to E-Diary..!!

But, WHY we still use a Diary? When we can manage cases with our mobile..!!Are you still using a diary ...
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michael sandel justice

“Justice – what’s the right thing to do?” – Book Review

Have you ever been in a dilemma? or have you regretted a past decision? Do you think justice can be delivered ...
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Online Law Courses

Enhance your Career with Online Law Courses

From the past few years of the internet age, online education has increased with a boom. There are many websites too ...
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