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Hii…!! 👋 My name is Prasanna Naidu. Budding Lawyers is currently run only by me. Budding lawyers is a platform for all lawyers & individuals working or having an interest in the field of law & the justice system. Here, you will find content related to Litigation, Tips for lawyers, interesting experiences of legal fraternity, legal startups, technology, legal books, funny stories, and anything under the roof of this legal industry.


How did it all start?

I completed my graduation in law. And I saw that many law students are unable to get access to the required resources and the proper guidance.

Which results in unemployment. OR Many lawyers get into those jobs in which they are least interested. OR They get an underpaid job and start with the basics. Because, the basic practical knowledge which is required to work in this field is not taught in law colleges.

Also, after some experience in this field, I noticed that most of the lawyers are still stuck to the same old system of working, as they use to work 10-20 years ago.

Technology has grown rapidly among these years. But, most lawyers do not seem to use technology to its fullest extent, for their own benefit. And the same way, are judges and other judicial institutes of this country. 

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence has been introduced & is influencing various markets including this one. We all must make use of technology correctly & with proper management. If we do it that way, it will not only benefit us personally but also improve the justice system rapidly. 

Thus, in December 2017 I purchased a domain name – buddinglawyers.in and started uploading blog-posts helpful for lawyers and law students. Now I also have started a YouTube channel.  

I try to help by providing knowledge about things which is not taught in law schools. I also share tips on how to use technology in our field, which may help you to tackle issues you face every day. So, that you are well prepared and take lesser time to do what you want to, and also face lesser problems while doing so. To get these updates, subscribe for free by filling the form below.

This platform is for the lawyers, by the lawyers. It does need your support for the same. Kindly do so by sharing with me your experiences, stories, any uncommon court procedures, or anything you feel interesting about this field.

If you have anything to share, which will help us improve this Indian Lawyer Community, I would be glad to hear it from you. Just contact me at buddinglawyersindia@gmail.com and also fill up this small form below to get updates which will be helpful for your career ahead 😄. 

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