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Budding lawyers is a platform for all lawyers & individuals working or having an interest in the field of law & the justice system. Here, on the blog you will find Tips for young lawyers, interesting experiences of legal fraternity, discussions on various legal procedures, books, TV series, jokes, stand ups, funny stories from the legal industry and anything related to lawyers. 

After exploring the judicial system in India, the stinky courts, the bribery, lack of time management i.e. the hullabaloo inside the courtrooms, one realizes that this profession has a bright side but also deeper dark side.

Let me rant about this for a while…

Many law students are unable to get access to the required resources and the proper guidance.

You find lawyers charging in lakhs for a few minutes argument in a court. And then you have lawyers who are so severely underpaid, they can’t even afford to get their old scooter repaired.

And a layman is usually tensed trying to understand the system and getting his work done.

With thousands of students graduating every year, not enough opportunities are available in the market for them. So, many graduates opt for non-legal jobs or take up a job in which they are not very interested.

Young lawyers trying to build their practice face many hurdles and take a lot of time to settle, usually 5 to 10 years.

The system sure needs a lot of reforms.

One needs to work on these darker aspects so the operations inside the court can run smoothly and justice approaches a step closer.

This blog is to help those young lawyers by providing knowledge about things which law schools don’t.

To help them tackle the issues they face every day. So, that they are well prepared and take lesser time to do what they want to, and face even lesser problems while doing so.

You will find all our blog posts related to the enhancement of your career as a lawyer in the “Blawg” section. 

This blog is for the lawyers, by the lawyers. We do need your support for the same. Kindly do so by sharing with us your experiences, stories, any uncommon court procedures, etc.

If you have anything to share, which will help us improve this Indian Lawyer Community, I would be glad to hear from you. Just contact at buddinglawyersindia@gmail.com or on our social media pages.


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