Linkedin basics lawyers

Linkedin basics for Lawyers

How do you find a job nowadays?


Do you search it in the newspaper?

No… you search for jobs on some job listing websites on the internet…like timesjobs, monster, naukri, etc.


But, don’t you think even Linkedin can be used very effectively here.

Click here to watch more such videos…!! 

In this blog-post, we will just go through all the basics which you must focus on, when you create a LinkedIn profile.


But, Why Linkedin?

As you are searching a job, even many employers are searching for employees and you just need to connect with them.

So, one best platform for this, is Linkedin.


But, Linkedin is not just like some job listing website.

It is much more than that, it focuses more on professional networking. So, it is useful to you even after you get a job.


But, just opening your account on Linkedin just for the sake of it, will not work.

If your profile is not complete or is filled with irrelevant content then you won’t appear in search results and you won’t be able to make connections.


That’s why it is very important that you complete your Linkedin profile with good content, get all the basics done properly and keep it up to date.


First is your Profile photo.

Don’t add a party photo or a photo with your dog here. Add a professional profile photo with good clarity.

An ideal photo covers from head to chest and focuses on your face.

Don’t add a photo which is less than 200*200 pixels in size. Any image less than this size will pixelate and look blurry.


Cover photo

Linkedin also provides you to add a larger cover photo.

This photo must describe you more. It must include a activity photograph.

Like when you are giving a presentation, or arguing in a Moot Court, something like that.


Customize your profile URL.

Your profile URL is this text. By default you may be having some URL, but you have to change it to your name or something more relevant to you.

linkedin url for lawyers

To do that, on the top right click Me and then click View profile. Here, on the right side click on Edit Profile & URL. Now, here you can see Edit URL, click on this pencil image, and change the URL to what you want.

If your name is very common then you can make some modification by adding your middle name or initial. After you are done, click save.



Just under your name will be your headline.

Your headline is important. When your profile appears in search results, your headline will be the first thing which will be visible because it will be just below your name.

And choose your words wisely, because there is character limit and you can’t add more text than the limit.

But, still if you want to add more information then you add it in the Summary section.


To edit all such information, just go to View Profile and to the right of your image you will see a pencil icon, click there.

Here you can edit everything and at the end you can also add any media.

Media files like any documents, photos, videos, presentations, other web-links.

You can add your law firm’s website link or your blog’s link.

Or a short video introducing who you are and what’s your expertise and achievements, etc.



Complete your LinkedIn profile.

According to LinkedIn, users with 100% profile completeness are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities.


So, fill up every section of your profile.

  • Your industry & location
  • Current position with description
  • Positions held in past
  • Your education history
  • Other certifications
  • Volunteer Experiences
  • Other interests
  • Skills

Don’t be shy while adding this information, you must include most of the things which you have accomplished in your professional life.

To give you an idea, just go to the ‘Add profile section’ and click Accomplishments.


Also, do optimize your profile contents for search by adding keywords relevant to your industry.

Just go through some good Linkedin profiles in your field and see which words related to your industry are they using.

And start using those words in your profile content too.

So that whenever anyone searches for those keywords related to your industry, then your profile will appear in the results.


Once you are done with all this start making connections with other people relevant to your industry.


That’s it for this blog post, it has covered all the most important points for beginners on LinkedIn.

If you have any other points, then do share it here in the comments below. It will help many fellow lawyers.

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